Weep Woman Weep by Marie DeBlassie

Weep Woman Weep is a haunting yet uplifting gothic fairytale which dabbles in the urban legend of La Llorona but also focuses on how childhood trauma can affect how we live our lives.

While a lot of us may have seen film adaptations of the La Llorona tale, this certainly works better as a written story over a visual narrative.

Mercy and Shelly are regular girls, who have heard the tales of the weeping woman and know to stay away from the river nearby to prevent her pulling them under.

When an unfortunate incident changes their friendship forever Mercy must try to move forward with her life, all with the curse of La Llorona as a constant.

A short, snappy tale of a haunted life, Weep Woman Weep is as tragic as it is heartwarming, making it play out more heightened reality over a depressing horror tal.e

DeBlassie spends a lot of time on the character of Mercy, the heartbeat of the story. At just over 100 pages this is the sort of book you could easily get through in one reading and feel better for it once it is finished.

Weep Woman Weep by Marie DeBlassie is available now from Kitchen Witch Press.

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