Pretty Boy (2021) review – Frightfest 2021

Marcel Walz’s follows up last year’s Blind with the intriguing Pretty Boy, which screened at this weekend’s Arrow Video Frightfest.

For anyone not caught up with what happened in the first film, we get all the juicy bits during an opening credits montage then we are set to go with a brand new set of potential victims.

The Pretty Boy killer takes up residence at a nearby Valentine’s Day party, and starts to pick off the victims one by one. Walz is clearly well versed in the slasher formula, borrowing some kills from the Halloween and Friday the 13th series.

Pretty Boy himself is rather a lumbering presence, resembling early Jason Voorhees in mannerisms, but with potentially more pathology, but we will get to that.

This story also potential offers new plot threads rarely explored in slashers, such as having LGBT main antagonists plus digging a bit deeper into a killer’s motives than we are perhaps used to.

Having said this, this could be a dropping off point for some viewers as the pace considerably slows down in the final third after a fairly fast-paced and gory first hour and becomes more psychological in the manner of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Walz also crafts one particular scene of genuine nerve shredding tension that feels plucked out of the slashers 101 handbook. The film is also largely great to look, with the colours really popping and the kill sequences not holding back on the bloodshed.

Pretty Boy does lose a bit of momentum during its finale but this doesn’t stop it being a solid slasher, with a killer that has serious franchise potential.

Pretty Boy screened as part of Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.


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