Caveat review

This low budget Irish horror is a mixed bag of atmosphere and chilling set pieces but a slightly uneven plot.

When a lone drifter accepts a job looking after a mentally ill woman in an abandoned house on an isolated island, surely everything will be just hunky dory?

Caveat nails its colour to its weirdness mast from the outset and slowly becomes more bizarre as it carries on.

There is a switch in perspective a third of the way through which threw this viewer but ultimately doesn’t derail the plot.

While its theme of detachment is deliberate, Caveat does feel like a harder film to relate to on any level because of it. The filmmakers utilises some well-timed scares and make full use of the fantastic and desolate location.

Not sure if this one would improve on repeat viewings.

Caveat is now streaming on Shudder.

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