The Essential Foreign Slashers – Part 1

As slasher fans, we are always after the rarest and unseen films new and old, with tonnes of gore or loaded with tension. Is there a foreign equivalent of Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street?

For this feature series, Bloody Flicks will reel off some foreign slashers well worth a watch.

High Lane (2009)

French language backwoods slasher High Lane’s roots certainly lay with the Wrong Turn franchise but Abel Ferry’s feature tries to create a believable group of teenagers who have their own conflicts to deal with even before they discover they aren’t alone.

Filmed in the Croatian mountains, the cinematography is truly gorgeous with plenty of sweeping shots really showcasing the location and its beauty.

As slasher fans, we also love a brisk running time (90 minutes and out at best) and High Lane clocks in at barely 80 minutes, ticking another of our like boxes.

Flashback (2000)

The post-Scream explosion of slashers didn’t just stop on US shores, with Germany one of the country’s getting in on the act.

Flashback follows Jeanette, a twenty-something who witnesses her parent’s murder years before and enters a mental facility to deal with the trauma. After being released she takes a job at a summer school in a secluded location, but has her past come back to haunt her?

Following the slasher formula to a tee, Flashback is a gory affair with some creative kills with an element of whodunit that will keep you engrossed.

Cold Prey (2006)

One of the more obvious choices of this feature, Cold Prey might well be one of the best modern slashers ever made.

This Norwegian effort follows a group of snowboarders who are forced to house up in an abandoned ski lodge after an accident on the slopes. Much like High Lane, Cold Prey features some stunning cinematography on the Scandinavian mountains.

Like many good slashers, Cold Prey is loaded with atmosphere and only fleetingly reveals its marauding killer before an intense finale.

Dead in 3 Days (2006)

Dead in 3 Days takes its main plot device from the I Know What You Did Last Summer series, with a group of teenagers, hunted following their graduation from high school. Each receives a text message saying they will be dead in three days and then the stalking and slashing begins!

The coastal town of Ebensee works perfectly, with our killer using the water much more to their advantage than Ben Willis. Dead in 3 Days also features one of the most memorable kills in a modern slasher, with the use of a broken fish tank.

This slasher turned out much better than it had any right to be.

999-9999 (2002)

When Rainbow moves to a new school she becomes a centre of attention for new classmates after they find out that a student was killed at her previous school under mysterious circumstances.

Rainbow blames the death of the mysterious 999-9999 phone number which she claims grants the caller one wish. Despite her warnings, her new classmates start dialling the number and the inevitable begins.

A Thai slasher that tries to do something different, with some creative kills and an interesting concept that will appeal to fans of the Final Destination series.

Keeping reading Bloody Flicks and look out for our second feature with more foreign slashers.

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