Skull The Mask review

Supernatural slashers can be tricky to pull off.

There is a balancing act between the fantastical and adding hints of realism. Skull the Mask right from the outset is pitching itself on the bonkers side of the argument.

In a nutshell the titular mask when worn by a human being, turns them into an indestructable killing machine that goes on a gore-filled massacre across part of Brazil.

Skull the Mask is loaded with gore and never tries to kid you about being serious; this is just a blood soaked good time!

We have side plot of the local law enforcement trying to track down the mask killer before its too late, while trying to work out how to stop the mask for good.

In terms of slasher killers the Skull killer feels more akin to the marauding zombie Matt Cordell in Maniac Cop 2. While there is a bit of CGI thrown into the mix and the budget was clearly limited, ¬†Armando Fonseca and Kapel Furman’s feature wears its heart on its sleeve and gives us just enough mythology to start the journey but there is certainly scope here for turning this into a series.

Given how the mask can be transferred from person to person it would be an easy killer to resurrect and give a fresh coat of paint for plenty of sequels.

Skull the Mask is now streaming on Shudder.

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