Jakob’s Wife review

Barbara Crampton continues to be the renaissance lady of the horror genre in Jakob’s Wife.

This small town vampire flick has the fingerprints of Salem’s Lot and Fright Night, as Crampton’s Anne is the titular spouse of Larry Fassenden’s Jakob a local man of the cloth who seems to have long neglected his wife.

After a chance meeting with an old flame (played by Robert Rusler), Anne becomes embroiled in a fang filled plot with a vampire known as The Master looking to take over.

Jakob’s Wife feels like a step up for director Travis Stevens, following the disjointed Girl on the Third Floor, with his script much tighter and the jokes largely landing. For the gorehounds there is plenty of blood, making this one of the most fun-filled vampire features of recent times.

Jakob’s Wife is also beautifully shot, with Stevens really capturing the small town mood, the horror and when coupled with its slick soundtrack you have a perfect storm.

Crampton and Fassenden’s chemistry is what carries the film, which has plenty of heart, laughs and bite; what’s not to like?

Jakob’s Wife is now streaming on Shudder.

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