Director Erik Bloomquist talks Night at the Eagle Inn ahead of Grimmfest UK premiere

Ahead of its UK premiere at Grimmfest, we caught up with director Erik Bloomquist to discuss Night at the Eagle Inn.

When did you first start working on Night at the Eagle Inn?

We started thinking about it in September 2020, writing it in October, and shooting in November!

You put so much work into the promotion of Ten Minutes to Midnight, how has the promotional trail compared so far?

We’re just getting started. It’s always a thrill to hear people begin to dialogue about something you’ve been holding close to home for a long time!

Much the same as Ten Minutes… you are working with a small cast, do you prefer this more intimate way of filmmaking or does this just fit with story better?

Whatever serves the story! There’s something I love about tiny groups as well as expansive ensemble casts (like with my television series THE COBBLESTONE CORRIDOR and our new feature SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS)

Tell us about putting the cast together, was this a difficult process?

It was a joyous process! The roles were written around actors friends, all of whom I’ve worked with before. We wanted to construct a screenplay that both catered to their sensibilities and provided challenges. Something that would both showcase and surprise!

You also have a role in the film as Joseph, how was it being in front of the camera this time around?

Tons of fun! Acting is my roots, and I’ve gotten back to do a lot more of it on our last few movies (including this, WEEKENDERS, CHRISTMAS ON THE CAROUSEL, and SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS). I’m fortunate to have an infrastructure that allows it and, I believe, benefits from my wearing of multiple hats. It creates a full creative musculature and allows me to see things from all angles.

What was the shoot like in Vermont?

Cold! Dark! A blast! Seriously though, you’d never know it, but in the bar scene with Dean and Spencer, the temperature inside was in the 30s (the thermostat was broken!) and we were all running back and forth between the still operational sauna in the pool between takes!

What were your inspirations for putting the script together with Carson?

We watched a lot of haunted hotel movies and landed on this idea that the first act is spiritually similar to THE INNKEEPERS, the second act to IT FOLLOWS (not a haunted hotel movie, but so it goes…), and the third to VACANCY. Classic ghost story to supernatural nightmare to high-stakes thriller!

Another UK premiere at Grimmfest this year, was it a no brainer to submit the film for consideration given the reaction to Ten Minutes to Midnight?

Undoubtedly. I love the people, and I love the curation!

Night at the Eagle Inn screens as part of Grimmfest 2021.

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