Triaphilia review

By David Dent

Whoa, this one is as independent as they come. Triaphilia is defined as the fear of death coming in threes, which as phobias go is pretty specific (you know that thing when two celebrities die in quick succession, and someone always asks, “well who’s going to be the third?”).

For prolific director Joshua Nelson it’s also an apposite title for a movie which assembles three of his shorts together with a link story about an evil shopkeeper. ‘The Wicked One’ as he’s referred to in the credits (played by Kenny Ledee) runs a bric a brac store and recommends three items to different groups of customers; the items they buy become the central point of the three stories which make up the movie.

So in the first, ‘The Demon’, a young couple acquire a mirror as a gift, which turns out to hide, you guessed it, a demon. In the second, ‘The Woman Scorned’, an urn containing the ashes of a serial killer is bought by three girls who are more than a little alarmed when the dead killer’s wife turns up to claim what is rightfully hers. And in the last – and best – of the stories, ‘Franklin’, the mother of a dead little boy is visited from beyond the grave (via a haunted packing trunk) with instructions to murder all who have witnessed her son’s return.

OK this might sound fun but it’s woefully cheap and, for the most part, fairly poorly acted (I counted at least two line fluffs). It’s 69 minutes in length and around eight of those are credits, but at least the portmanteau format provides some variety to what’s on screen. The random quotes from ‘fantastic’ writers may want to add some class to the proceedings, but they really just pile on extra scrappiness to a flick which drags its cinematic arse to the finish line more by luck than judgment.

Triaphilia is coming soon from Bayview Entertainment.

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