‘Jason Rising’ secures Hollywood theatre premiere

Following a truly incredible outpouring of support from the independent horror community, the highly-anticipated Jason Rising fan film has finished production and is ready to unleash its unique and brutal brand of horror on the world.

Independently produced in the Pacific Northwest, Jason Rising takes a fresh approach to Friday the 13th fan films, aiming to give the franchise’s most die-hard fans exactly what they have been clamoring for over these last four decades.

“When three female inmates escape a local corrections facility, Wessex County Sheriff Pete Daltry (Kyle Vahan) and Deputy Eve Glover (Anna Campbell) are called on by the US Marshals to join a chase that leads the group onto the hallowed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake. Trespassing on the cursed land awakens the dormant evil of Pamela and Jason Voorhees, who rise from the grave and leave a trail of bodies in their wake.”

Now, the creative team behind Jason Rising is pleased to announce that they have secured a location and date to screen their completed vision. On Friday the 13th of August, 2021, Jason Rising will debut to a select audience at Portland’s beautiful and historic Hollywood Theatre. As the central historical point of Portland’s Hollywood District, the Hollywood Theatre provides a perfect balance of convenience, accessibility, and ideal atmosphere for Jason Rising to host its red carpet event. In addition to the film’s producers and industry professionals, this exclusive event will feature an appearance by Adrienne King herself, the original “final girl” from the first Friday the 13th canon film.

Jason Rising is a Friday the 13th fan film directed by James Sweet and written by Sweet and Vincente DiSanti. Red Crow Films wants to make clear that this is a non-profit fan film. Red Crow Films is in no way affiliated with Paramount Pictures, New Lines Cinemas, Warner Bros. Entertainment, or any other Friday the 13th franchise rights holders.

Watch the trailer for Jason Rising below –

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