The Forever Purge review

Billed as the final entry in the long running Purge series, The Forever Purge attempts to take its premise to the next level with the annual lawless slaughter moving beyond one single night.

Whereas the other films played it fairly safe with the premise, the more the series has evolved the more chances it likes to take.

Does this benefit the series as a whole? Well, this is debatable.

Much the same as The First Purge, this narrative is very much rooted in race and this time the relationship between Mexico and America post-Trump wall.

The Purge has never been one to mince its words when it comes to its political stance on gun violence and with race becoming more prevalent this become an intriguing exercise that will have some nodding in agreement and others shaking their heads in disbelief.

What really does work with The Forever Purge is some excellent and well choreographed action sequences, with in some cases, absolute carnage taking place.

There are some excellent performances too from the hard as nails Ana de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta as a Mexican couple looking to make it back across the border as the Purge turns even uglier. Will Patton is a dependable side character who adds some gravitas to proceedings, the only one that doesn’t really land is Josh Lucas’ Dylan, who seems to have some confused racial tension sub plot whilst navigating his wife giving birth very soon.

Ultimately The Forever Purge is a mixed bag, which will please fans of the franchise but it is unlikely to attract new fans. Will this be the final Purge? I don’t think so.

The Forever Purge is in cinemas now.

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