Ronald Malfi is back with small town horror in ‘Come With Me’

Bram Stoker nominee Ronald Malfi is back with the small town horror thriller ‘Come With Me’, which is released by Titan Books on 20th July 2021.

Aaron Decker’s life changes one December morning when his wife Allison is killed. Haunted by her absence—and her ghost— Aaron goes through her belongings, where he finds a receipt for a motel room in another part of the country.

Piloted by grief and an increasing sense of curiosity, Aaron embarks on a journey to discover what Allison had been doing in the weeks prior to her death.

Yet Aaron is unprepared to discover the dark secrets Allison kept, the death and horror that make up the tapestry of her hidden life. And with each dark secret revealed, Aaron becomes more and more consumed by his obsession to learn the terrifying truth about the woman who had been his wife, even if it puts his own life at risk.

Ronald Malfi is a rising star in a new wave of horror, bringing his notoriously haunting, literary style and memorable characters to a brand-new work of spine tingling fiction.

Come with Me is intelligent horror that creeps forward with an unwavering pace and an ominous atmosphere, which guarantees moments of pure, all-consuming terror.
Fans of Stephen King and Paul Tremblay will love this disturbing and supernatural tale, with themes of lost identity, grief and obsession.

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