Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling review

This was my first dabble into the work of Bram Stoker Award nominee Todd Keisling, in what was one of the most compelling horror novels I’ve read in a while.

I know we hear this quite a lot but Keisling doesn’t feel like a Stephen King or Dean Koontz, these ideas are all his own.

Devil’s Creek is the tale of a small town that fell under the spell of an occultist priest who sacrificed a number of the townsfolk many years ago. Fast-forward and the children of the damned could be the key to an unspeakable evil returning to the town of Stauford.

Keisling paints the picture of a town rotten to its devilish core and when they are once again preyed upon by evil we follow a select group who must try to save themselves and the rest of the town from destruction and damnation.

It may sound melodramatic but the stakes are raised from the first few pages and when it all hits the fan Keisling really goes for it with some truly twisted imagery that recalls some of the most gnarly work of James Herbert.

After not knowing about this author’s work Devil’s Creek has me eager to discover more.

Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling is available now in paperback and digital book formats.

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