Nuptials of Dracula review (Soho Horror Film Fest – Pride Edition)

At this stage we have seen many iterations of the classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and here is a South American take with added queerness.

The Dracula story has had countless queer readings, but maybe none as obvious as this effort.

Nuptials of Dracula goes for a more arthouse approach with lighting that often recalls Suspiria and a hypnotic score that occasionally bursts to life.

It is clear that the filmmakers are working with a small budget but they do attempt to squeeze every penny on the screen.

We focus heavily on the seduction of both Harker and Mina who are both queer coded, which doesn’t feel at odds with its source material.

Nuptials of Dracula drips at times with gothic dread and hits plenty of the established beats but feels quite fresh at the same time.

Nuptials of Dracula screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival – Pride Edition.

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