The Invisible Mother review (Soho Horror Film Fest – Pride Edition)

When Marcy goes to stay with her grandparents she gets more than she bargained for when she suspects a supernatural spirit is roaming their house.

The first thing to say about The Invisible Mother is how beautifully shot it is, and coupled with some stunning performances from Richard Riehle (Hatchet), Helen Slayton-Hughes and Fayelyn Bilodeau and you have the ingredients for a best feature from this festival.

Mona, the grandmother, we find out is suffering from dementia, and whereas last year’s Relic deals with this differently, here it feels tragic and much more heartfelt at times.

We also have a side plot about nosey neighbour Coco, who is also a burgeoning medium, who brings plenty of camp comic relief.

The Invisible Mother also goes into some terrifyingly strange places too, with one instance showing two people in rubber masks ‘interacting’ with a person dressed as a dog – yep seriously.

Its a strange dichotomy, where it can be genuinely creepy one moment and the next be really sad; a guess you could say its a metaphor on Alzheimers.

A truly captivating and engrossing watch.

The Invisible Mother screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival – Pride Edition.

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