Arrow Video announces September releases

Arrow Video’s September films include a box set of films from a French master, the Blu-ray debuts of a star-studded Hollywood classic, a 1980s slasher gem, and a Japanese oddity, a collection of monster movies as you’ve never seen them before, and a trilogy of terror sprouted from the mind of one of the all-time horror greats.

The releases will come in special packaging, with striking new artwork, 4K restorations so the films look freshly minted, brand new commentaries and making-of documentaries, alternative cuts, reversible sleeves with specially-commissioned artwork, as well as fold-out, double-sided posters, perfect-bound collector’s books and illustrated booklets.

First in September, Arrow Video presents The Films of Olivier Assayas, a box set containing four films by the director now recognised as one of French cinema’s finest talents, including Disorder, Winter’s Child, Irma Vep, and Demonlover. Assayas started out as a critic and screenwriter before making his debut feature as director in 1986. Witty, heartfelt, and daring, Assayas remains one of the most interesting international filmmakers working today. No two films are quite alike. His work is vital, unexpected, and unmissable for any true lover of film, and the Special Edition collection features beautiful packaging and some superb archival features.

September also sees the release of Walk on the Wild Side with Jane Fonda, Laurence Harvey, Barbara Stanwyck and Capucine giving exceptional performances in his lurid drama of love and lust set in Depression era New Orleans. Based on the novel by Nelson Algren, with an Academy Award nominated title song, a screenplay co-written by Ask the Dust author John Fante and featuring a stunning title sequence by Saul and Elaine Bass, Arrow Video is proud to present this provocative picture for the first time on Blu-ray, in a brand 4K new Special Edition restoration.

Next in a jam-packed month, Death Screams, a bodycount-heavy, long overlooked slice of Southern fried hack-and-slash from 1982. Released on US VHS as House of Death (and on UK DVD with the reels in the wrong order!), it oozes early ’80s regional slasher charm from its every pore, boasting an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink final reel featuring slashed throats, bisected bodies and exploding heads. At long last arriving on Blu-ray and lovingly restored from the only-known existing 35mm print, this little-seen slasher classic is ready to carve its way into the bleeding hearts of horror fans everywhere, with new commentaries, a new making-of doc, and a collector’s booklet, with a Limited Edition Blu-ray, and an Arrow Store O-card exclusive!

Then Arrow unleashes zombies, werewolves, atomic mutations and intergalactic avians! Let this quartet of classic terrors take you back to the golden age of B-Movie Monsters in Cold War Creatures: Four Films from Sam Katzman – four fantastic feature presentations – Creature with the Atom Brain, The Werewolf, Zombies of Mora Tau and The Giant Claw – from prolific producer Sam Katzman with a bounty of brand new extras and a raft of new writing by a range of respected raconteurs. These Cold War Creatures are coming for you, in a fantastic Limited Edition box set replete with two lavish collector’s books and two posters!

Next in September, The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, making its worldwide Blu-ray debut and its home video premiere outside Japan, with Noriaki Yuasa, director of Daiei Studios’ much-beloved Gamera series, making a monochrome film adaptation of the works of horror manga pioneer Kazuo Umezu (The Drifting Classroom). The result is a fantastically phantasmagorical slice of twisted tokusatsu terror ostensibly made for children that will irreparably traumatise any child that sees it! This rarely-screened, nightmarishly disorienting creepshow not only displays a seldom-seen side of kaiju auteur Yuasa, but its skilful blending of Umezu’s comics (published in English-language markets as Reptilia) arguably anticipates many of the trends seen in J-horror decades later.

Lastly in September, it’s time to reap the harvest, as Arrow presents the Children of the Corn Trilogy in a lavish Limited Edition box set. Best-selling author Stephen King sowed the seeds for a bumper crop of horror films with his classic collection Night Shift. But few would sprout into the kind of franchise that Children of the Corn would grow to be. Featuring the original film in Ultra High Definition and alternate cuts of both its follow-ups for the first time on Blu-ray, plus a wealth of new and archival extras, the Children of the Corn Trilogy box set is a terrifying treat – with alternate cuts, a host of specially-made extras including new commentaries and interviews, and a 60-page book!

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