White ghosts haunt black family in ‘Inheritance’

Annalise Lockhart’s live action short film Inheritance focuses on a Black family who are haunted by white ghosts in rural America.

This powerful film which has elements of science fiction screened at the Oscar qualifying Atlanta Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival and will be screening at Palm Springs International ShortFest, another Oscar qualifier, this month.

A Black family in rural Vermont attempts to live a life of solitude and cope with the ghosts living on their property.

Director Annalise Lockhart is a writer/director whose work is influenced by her Afro-Futurist beliefs and the genre’s power for change. She has worked extensively as a 1st Assistant Director on projects such as Random Acts of Flyness (HBO), The Assistant starring Julia Garner, The Fits and Chained For Life. Inheritance is her first short film as both writer and director.

Inheritance will be screening at Palm Springs International ShortFest from June 22nd – June 28th.

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