Zombies return in Autumn: Dawn book trilogy

International best-selling UK horror author David Moody returns to the world of his groundbreaking AUTUMN novels for a new trilogy almost a decade after publication of the last book.

At the turn of the century, the AUTUMN novels redefined the zombie genre. Taking cues from the films of George Romero but adopting a far more grounded and realistic, low-fi approach, Moody’s dystopian series rewrote the rules of the undead and made them even more terrifying in the process.

There are no zombie cliches here, just a handful of desperate survivors under constant attack from thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of corpses.

AUTUMN spawned a series of sequels and a low budget movie adaptation which starred David Carradine in his final screen appearance.

In AUTUMN: DAWN – the first book of the London trilogy – David Moody scales up the apocalypse by setting the action deep in the rotting heart of one of the most heavily populated cities in the world.

Two months ago, billions of people were killed by a deadly germ. Days later, they rose again in massive numbers. Since then, cities worldwide have become corpse filled, rat-infested, germ-choked hellholes.

A group of people are trapped in central London, hopelessly outnumbered by the dead. They hear rumours of a safe haven in the north – a self-sufficient community where people from across the country have gathered to try and rebuild their lives.

But the decaying ruins of the capital are vast and sprawling, and they’re going to need an army to get away from this place. There are other people here, waiting in the shadows to be found.

Can enough of them band together to make a difference, or has the country – maybe even the entire world – already been lost to the dead?

Find out more on David Moody’s website.

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