First trailer unleashed for Brit horror ‘Karli’

The creator of HELLRAISER ORIGINS has released the first trailer for upcoming brutal horror feature Karli.

After witnessing the brutal murder of her husband, Amanda (Jennifer K Preston) decides to start a new life with her teenage daughter Karli (Isabella Percival).

They leave their family home to set up a new business in the countryside – running a picturesque Bed & Breakfast far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Before they have even had chance to open, their lives are interrupted by the arrival of Kyle (Damien Ashley). He pleads to be given a room for one night due to his car breaking down close by.

His request is accepted, but that one night turns into more. Karli notices something isn’t quiet right about their guest. He soon admits that he is on the run and that he desperately needed shelter away from those that are hunting him – a creature called The Unnamed and his terrifying horde of hunters.

Is Kyle telling the truth, or is it all an elaborate scam?

“KARLI is a dark and menacing descent into a grim world unknown, this teaser trailer is just a small snippet of the horrors that await audiences – our antagonist literally unfolds,” Director Mike Clarke commented.

Watch the trailer for Karli below –

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