Tombstone Teeth and Other Horrors by E.G Rand

This short anthology from author E.G Rand offers four very different horrific tales that all largely hit their mark.

The titular opening story tackles witchcraft in the creepy surroundings of the seaside town of Scarborough. Rand goes for a more gothic tone for this tale.

In ‘A Bad Hangover’ we follow Glenn, a man who once had an okay life but has seen it destroyed by the bottle. While its ending is fairly telegraphed, this felt more like a Tales from the Crypt, careful what you wish for scenario.

‘The Siren’ dabbles more in Lovecraft country as Anton, a stranger to a seaside town gets more than he bargained for after seeing something bizarre on the sea front.

The final tale ‘The House on Laurel Lane’ is probably the most gruesome and nightmarish of this collection.

Ultimately this pick and mix of horror is an enjoyable read and benefits from its variety.

Tombstone Teeth and Other Horrors by E.G. Rand is available now in paperback and e-book formats.

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