The Case for Bryan Fuller’s Christine

The horror genre has had a double whammy of remake news in the past of couple of days as Rob Zombie was announced to be rebooting The Munsters and Bryan Fuller will be adapting Stephen King’s Christine.

While Zombie’s announcement was met with a mixed reception, which is almost expected given his marmite style of filmmaking, Fuller’s involvement in Christine feels like it could be something special.

Let’s not forget that Fuller is the visionary behind the fantastic Hannibal television series, a story that many (including this writer) has written off before a shot was filmed but turned out to be utterly mesmerising.

Many will consider John Carpenter’s 1983 adaptation untouchable, but truth be told while it is a solid feature it is certainly nowhere near his work on Halloween, The Thing or Assault on Precinct 13 in terms of application. Who knows Carpenter could even do the music for the new version of Christine?

Fuller writing and directing with Carpenter on the keyboard is certainly an instance for horror fans to get excited.

Stephen King’s original book was 700 pages plus so there is plenty of material to mine there and given how layered and nuanced Fuller’s work was on Hannibal, we can only hope he puts the same effort into the Christine feature.

The legend author is still on a fairly hot run too, so his name, plus a potentially well-known cast could bring a whole new audience to Christine – if done right.

The biggest question is what time period will Fuller set his story? Will he go for an 80s aesthetic which is very en-vogue right now bring it up to the modern day? We will have to wait and see.

But what do you think about Bryan Fuller directing Christine? Let us know in the comments.

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