Supernatural action thriller ‘Lazarus’ out now

The supernatural action film LAZARUS is now available to buy and rent via On-Demand and Digital platforms.

In the film’s story, a man is killed, but his death is a brief affair. Upon regaining consciousness, he discovers he has been gifted with extraordinary powers – that allow him to super-heroically fight the organization responsible for plunging his city into darkness.

LAZARUS was written and directed by R.L Scott (“Vigilant.”). The film was produced by R.L. Scott, and Justin “Jtrx” Echols and executive produced by: Sean Riggs, Eddie Riggs, plus Edward Davie. This exciting title is now available on Digital platforms, across the USA and Canada.

LAZARUS had its debut on FOX’s free streaming service Tubi this past February, before coming to VOD. The film stars: Sean Riggs (S.W.A.T.,You), Costas Mandylor (Saw IV), Aeriel Miranda (Straight Outta Compton), Shane Brolly (Underworld), Nicki Micheaux (In The Dark), Noel Gugliemi (Training Day), Linc Hand (68 Whiskey), Adamo Palladino (Becoming Bond) and R&B superstar Mya (Chicago)! LAZARUS will also be available on DVD this June 15.

Watch the trailer for Lazarus below –

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