To Your Last Death review

The makers of To Your Last Death make a very interesting choice going down the 2D animation route allowing them to tell a truly bonkers and bloody tale.

A group of siblings are summoned to their father’s corporate building and look set to be tested to death to earn their dad’s fortune but everything isn’t what it seems.

The best way I can describe this is that imagine that Saw was a family drama and you’d get close to the whacky nature of To Your Last Death. Sadly the film never really settles down and takes on a schizophrenic structure where it never really decides what it wants to be.

Some characters are seemingly killed off, only to find out this could be a hallucination or dream, which after the second time becomes a tired plot trick.

Given the protagonists are all brothers and sisters it does try to add emotional weight to the stakes but given the grey nature of all of them it is hard to root for them.

Notably the film is narrated by William Shatner and also features a great villainous turn by Ray Wise.

To Your Last Death is promising but is ultimately an uneven experience.

To Your Last Death screens as part of Grimmfest’s May Madness event which concludes today.

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