The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It review

The delayed third entry in the all-conquering Conjuring franchise takes the Warrens into witchcraft territory with mixed results.

In the director’s chair this time is Michael Chaves (The Curse of Llorona) with James Wan in the producer’s role here. Chaves employs some of the usual traits that the franchise is renowned for but timing is everything and there are plenty of misfires here.

The Devil Made Me Do It has a habit of regurgitating the same types of scares throughout its near 2 hour runtime but none really seemed to get the audience I saw this with as they had telegraphed what was coming.

What the film does have going for it is the dependable Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren whereas her counterpart Patrick Wilson takes a backseat for large chunks, making this more of a Lorraine-centric piece.

The central plot focuses on a film who believe they have been targeted by a demon but there is a much larger plan at play and only the Warrens can prevent it.

We do get a great supporting role for John Noble as a former Priest who assists the Warrens plus Ruairi O’Connor as the tortured Arne really sells the pains his family-to-be are in.

Some scares owe a lot to the Nightmare on Elm Street series but there is an aching sense we have seen all of this before. To conquer the box office again, maybe the Conjuring universe needs to start listening to others than the Devil.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is out now in UK cinemas.

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