Intense thriller ‘Alone’ set for Blu Ray release

Intense thriller and Grimmfest favourite Alone, directed by John Hyams is set for a Blu Ray release on 12th July by Signature Entertainment.

Jessica (Jules Willcox, Bloodline) drives on a long, lonely stretch of road in the Pacific Northwest.

Attempting to rebound from a tragic loss, she’s packed up her belongings and is headed back to her hometown to restart her life.

Also on this stretch of road is a Man (Marc Menchaca, Ozark) who, at first, seems harmless enough, but keeps showing up in the same places as Jessica.

It’s no coincidence. The Man has hostile plans for her, and once in his clutches she has to fight her way out to safety somewhere in the wilderness, away from civilization, away from any help and away from the devious psychotic out to destroy her. And she’ll have to face it all alone.

Blu Ray extras for Alone include –

  • The making of Alone feature commentary by director John Hyams courtesy of Rogue Commentary Podcast (2021)
  • John Hyams interview by HOST writer Jed Shepherd (May 2021)

Signature Entertainment presents Alone on Blu-ray from 12th July and Digital Platforms now.

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