Support indie slasher Terror at Black Tree Forest

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for new independent British slasher Terror at Black Tree Forest.

This feature is a reboot of the 2010 American slasher from Dustin Ferguson, sees Caroline and her friends usually meet up once a year for a camping trip escaping their everyday lives and feeling young again, but this time it is different.

They still meet up, but someone is stalking and killing them off … one by one! Is it a secret from the past? Or an urban legend come to life? What terror awaits at Black Tree Forest? Will anyone survive the camping trip? Will we discover the killer?

Whatever you do, don’t go down to the Black Tree Forest alone – or at all!

Terror at Black Tree Forest will be directed by Trash Arts’ Sam Mason Bell, teaming up with HB Films.

Perks for the campaign include signed scripts, t-shirts, producer credits and props from the film.

Support Terror at Black Tree Forest on IndieGoGo.

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