Asia Argento & Franco Nero star in the giallo-infused thriller AGONY

Thunderbird Releasing announces the UK release of striking gothic thriller AGONY, starring Asia Argento and Franco Nero, on digital platforms on 14th June.

A discontented New Yorker, travelling to Tuscany to take care of her estranged mother’s will, must decipher visions of her forgotten childhood and confront a spectral ‘Lady in Red’, whose dark secret will unlock her terrifying destiny.

AGONY is the directorial debut of Michele Civetta, and boasts an impressive international cast including Asia Argento (Mother of Tears), Jonathan Caoette (award-winning star and director of Tarnation), Django legend Franco Nero, and Rade Serbedzija (Eyes Wide Shut).

Filmed in Italy, Civetta’s debut is an engrossing, intriguing mystery bolstered by a fantastic central performance from genre favourite Asia Argento, combining tantalising giallo flourishes with Don’t Look Now style atmospherics.

“My mother wanted me to find this”

Watch the trailer for Agony below –

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