Lucky (2020) review

What do you do when an intruder comes after you night after night to kill you? This is the premise of the latest film from Brea Grant.

From the excellent 12 Hour Shift to her short Megan, 26, Grant has very much got her finger on the pulse for genre audiences right now.

Teaming up with director Natasha Kermani, they have created an intriguing feature that bleeds social commentary sprinkled with slasher tropes. There are vibes of Happy Death Day with the way the film inverts the slasher in clever and increasingly amusing ways, with May finding new ways to take down her oppressor.

Grant plays budding writer May who is attacked in her home one night, but after disposing of the killer finds he has disappeared. Lucky is very much about how women should work together to fix the problems in their lives and in wider contexts, alluding to the #MeToo movement. The film could bash you over the head with its messages but Kermani and Grant are much more subtle and pick their moments to speak up.

A line from a character sums up the film quite well – ‘ Sometimes you end up where you need to be’. In this case sometimes it takes a bit longer and more understanding to get there.

Lucky is streaming now on Shudder.

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