Aquarium of the Dead set for release

D.C. Douglas, the voice of Albert Wesker in the popular “Resident Evil” video game franchise since 2007, returns to the zombie genre as Daniel in “Aquarium of the Dead,’ starring Vivica A. Fox. The film, about a scientific accident that causes sea creatures in an aquarium to become zombies, debuts this Friday, 21st on AppleTV, Amazon and other OTT platforms.

While Douglas was last heard as Albert Wesker in 2019’s “Teppen,” fans of the character hope each major installment of “Resident Evil” will bring about the character’s resurrection in some form. Last week’s release of “Resident Evil 8: Village” was no exception.

“That’s why this Friday’s release of ‘Aquarium of the Dead’ is such delicious timing,” says Douglas, “If I can’t please their video game appetite, at least I can offer a side of B-movie hilarity!” trailer.

Douglas has parlayed his zombie cachet into several projects over the last 15 years, including the indie film “Apocalypse Kiss,” where he played a blonde-haired serial killer, Syfy’s “Isle of the Dead,” where he played the allusively named Col. Aiden Wexler, and “Z Nation,” where he recurred as half-zombie Pa Kettle.

“Aquarium of the Dead” is directed by Glenn Miller and stars Vivica A. Fox, D.C. Douglas, Eva Ceja, Brandon Lee W., Erica Duke and Jeffry Thomas Johnson. It’s being distributed by The Asylum and premieres May 21st on AppleTV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Read our interview with Aquarium of the Dead writer Michael Gottlieb.

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