Great White (2021) review

Billed as from the executive producers of 47 Metres Down, Great White is a serviceable shark thriller with some limitations.

Five passengers of a plane become stranded at sea and become hunted by a hungry great white shark.

Interestingly our group discover remnants of a shark attack before disaster strikes, which instantly raises the stakes.

Great White does keep its shark in the depths of the ocean to begin with and crafts some well-balanced tension sequences. The one big down side of this film is the CGI used for the shark, which is very jarring and feels very out of place. Clearly the filmmakers were working to a particular budget so this can be forgiven as they craft some fleshed out characters that we can like or loathe.

Director Martin Wilson has clearly seen a few shark films in the past and pays homages to Jaws and even more recent successes such as The Shallows, employing some aerial shots which show us the silhouette of our hunter stalking its prey.

Great White is a chomp above your average shark thriller.

Great White is released on DVD on 17th May from Altitude Films.

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