Ten Minutes to Midnight UK DVD release announced

Grimmfest favourite Ten Minutes to Midnight, starring Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2) is set for a UK DVD release on 24th May 2021.

Williams stars as a middle-aged punk rock disc jockey bitten by a rabid bat on the eve of her last broadcast.

Due for replacement by younger model Nicole Kang (Batwoman) and sexually harassed by her producer, she gradually transforms into a blood sucking vampire to avenge those that commit an injustice against her.

While it may feel for the most part like a virus-themed movie, Ten Minutes to Midnight strays into David Lynch territory in its final third with some trippy sequences which are spellbinding but also bizarre.

Read our full interview with director Eric Bloomquist and Caroline Williams and also check out our full review from Grimmfest Online 2020.

Watch the trailer for Ten Minutes to Midnight below –

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