The Last Night in October by Greg Chapman review

In this short novella, author Greg Chapman tries to capture the spirit of Halloween whilst telling a much more sinister story.

All Gerald wanted to do every 31st October was to go trick or treating with his best friend, but when an ill-fated trip during a blizzard ends in disaster he starts to rethink his love of all things All Hallows Eve.

The Last Night of October, while albeit short, certainly packs a whole narrative into its low page count, crafting Gerald, now an old man as a mystery in himself whilst teasing a larger plot that will come to pass later.

It would have been very easy for Chapman to tread the well-worn path of Halloween horror stories but it feels like he goes out of his way and break with tradition and the story is all the better for it.

While Halloween may be months away, this novella will certainly get you in the mood for pumpkins and ghostly tales in no time.

The Last Night in October by Greg Chapman is available now.

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