Variant review

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like Joe Meredith’s Variant.

We exist in a world where an alien invasion has brought with it a new kind of species that wants to assimilate with humans.

Told in a grainy VHS style, Variant plays with some big ideas and largely pulls them off by simply doubling down on its ambitious narrative.

Its obvious that they are working with a limited budget but they squeeze every last penny to create some nightmarish images that could give David Cronenberg the willies.

The practical FX gore recalls the 80s heyday of sci fi horror such as The Thing whilst having a plot that feels like if The X Files could have gone r-rated.

Variant is engrossing, bizarre and quite frankly demands to be seen.

Variant screened as part of the Shockdown Saturdays from Soho Horror Film Festival.

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