‘What’s Left Inside’ announced

Award-winning writer/director Michael Varrati is back with his latest short project What’s Left Inside, produced by June Gloom Productions.

Broken up with on the eve of a global lockdown, Max finds the subsequent solitude to be almost more than he can bear.

Pushed to the brink of madness by his anguish and isolation, the young man soon discovers he may not be as alone as he initially thought.

Born out of the desire to keep creating and telling stories while contending with the constraints of filmmaking during a global pandemic, WHAT’S LEFT INSIDE was one of two single person, fantastical horror pieces exploring isolation, existential dread, and some eldritch/Lovecraftian themes.

After Varrati’s foray into the world of screenlife filmmaking early in the pandemic with the award-winning UNUSUAL ATTACHMENT and later dramatic mini-series SO FAR, SO CLOSE, they wanted to start exploring a return to a traditional set, all the while ensuring the strictest of  safety protocols.

The project was constructed in such a manner that a single actor, director, and cinematographer could be on set, but with enough time and planning, a rich, lush cinematic experience could be constructed. This project feature heavy effects work to bring otherworldly, creature elements to life…and to embody the very real anguish of the main character.

INSIDE was actually written fairly early into the pandemic, sometime around late March 2020, and I was working on this script in tandem with the writing of UNUSUAL ATTACHMENT. In many ways, they are “in universe” companion pieces. 

What’s Left Inside stars Danny Plotner (HBO’s Euphoria, Unusual Attachment) plus an ensemble of voice roles/cameos from a notable cast that includes Ben Baur (The Office is Mine), Joshua Tonks (The Latent Image), Francisco Chacin (So Far, So Close), Lotti Pharriss Knowles (Chastity Bites), and cult filmmaker Chris LaMartina (WNUF Halloween Special). 

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