In Search of Tomorrow available for pre-order

In Search of Tomorrow, the definitive 80s sci fi documentary from the makers of the In Search of Darkness series, is available for pre-order.

This documentary will be a love-letter to the Sci-Fi films that we all grew up with; the films that dared to ask, “what if?” and offered us a vision of future technology, society, and culture that simultaneously delighted, amazed and scared us.

We still remember the magic of seeing these films for the first time, and the makers have been trying to recapture that feeling ever since.

Vader’s redemption, Ripley’s duel with the Alien Queen, Roy Batty’s “Tears in Rain”, and many more. Moments that surprised us. Moments that moved us. Moments that left a lasting impact on our subconscious. Years later, we’re still trying to recapture these transformative experiences.

Over the last year, their team has been hard at work making In Search of Tomorrow the ultimate ’80s Sci-Fi documentary.

Visit In Search of Tomorrow on IndieGoGo to find out more.

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