Winners announced for Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights

The winners of the first-ever Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights have been announced.

Here are the winners –

Josh Wallace and Devin Das’s bloody and blackhearted satire of the American Dream, which received its European Premiere at Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights

Honourable mention for Kourosh Ahari’s surreal and disorientating THE NIGHT, which received its UK premiere and a special preview screening at the festival.

for the supernatural crime drama, SWEET RIVER, a tale of grief, guilty secrets, and ghosts, which received its UK Premiere at the festival

Honourable mention going to JUSTIN MCCONNELL, for his unflinchingly honest and personal exploration of the business of independent filmmaking, CLAPBOARD JUNGLE)

for their extraordinary double act, in Pablo Olmos Arrayales’ dazzling feature film debut, the single-take psychological thriller, RENDEZ-VOUS, which received its Northern Premiere at Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights

Lluis Danés’ visually sumptuous reimagining of an infamous real-life murder, which draws on a century’s worth of cinematic visual trickery, from silent-movie shadow play to the latest CGI, to evoke a palpable sense of place and time. The film received its UK Premiere at Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights.

Honourable mention, too, for Alexey Kazakov’s psychedelic tale of witchcraft, possession and male egotism, MARA, which also received its UK premiere.

Tord Danielsson and Oskar Mellander’s bone chillingly effective relocation of the classic haunted house scenario to a drab Swedish suburb, received its UK Premiere at the festival.

Michiel Blanchart’s deft juggling of romantic comedy nerve-jangling horror and gut punching heartbreak received its UK premiere at Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights.

Honourable mentions, too, for Ashlea Wessel, for the unsettling WEIRDO, which received its UK premiere at the festival, and for a couple of Grimmfest Alumni: Natasha Halevi for her stark Super-8 solo project DON’T GO OUTSIDE, and FRIED BARRY director Ryan Kruger for his characteristically confrontational take on the sex war, #MEOWTOO, both of which received their world premieres at the festival.

Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights screened fourteen feature film premieres, sixteen short film premieres and twelve exclusive Q&As with filmmakers and stars. With movies from the US, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Korea and more, this was truly an international line up of exceptional new work that featured performances from stars as diverse as Donald Sutherland (Don’t Look Now), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Sergi Lopez (Pan’s Labyrinth) Shahab Hosseini (The Salesman), Lyrica Okano (Marvel’s Runaways), and Margaret Cho (All-American Girl).

“All 14 of the genre features programmed for Grimmfest’s inaugural Easter Edition had their merits, which made choosing between them a difficult, if rewarding, experience.” Anton Bitel, Jury member said.

“It’s always exciting to see the diverse and captivating works of independent horror filmmakers from around the world, we had several films that are likely to explode once they hit the market, which made choosing winners incredibly hard but ultimately, we’re very happy with our choices.” Mariam Draeger, Jury member added.

“The folks at Grimmfest put together a bloody delightful slate for their Easter Edition; a diverse, sometimes challenging, but always entertainment program. It was an honour to be on the Jury!” Josh Millican, Jury member said.

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