Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights – Day 4 reviews

Its the peniultimate day of the first-ever Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights, so here is our features roundup of films screening today –

Red River Road

It wouldn’t be a film festival across 2020 and 2021 without someone sneaking in a pandemic feature, right?

Red River Road tells the story of a film who have gone to stay in a summer house and become trapped there as a pandemic hits. They are delivered food and entertainment (the family are big Jaws fans which is always a plus) to help to cope. The only thing they have to do, according to the parents is stay away from digital technology such as smart phones and tablets, as they pass on the virus.

While it is clear from the outset that we may have unreliable narrators, Red River Road certainly does dig deeper into the paranoia and cabin fever that can come from being stuck in the same place with the same people for a prolonged amount of time.

The reading I had for the film was that it was a commentary on dementia as people’s minds start to melt away and their recollections of certain events and people become sketchy; is this the case? Well you will need to watch to find out.

The concept of Red River Road is certainly promises but it does slightly lag towards its conclusion but on the flipside does pose some important and timely questions that I am sure we can relate to on some level.


From the outset of Trans, a Korean science fiction headscratcher, its definitely a case of everything not being what it seems.

Make no mistake this is deep science fiction which like many other films hammers home the message about not messing with things you don’t truly understand. We deal with big themes such as people looking to science over religion for the big answers about life and our existence.

Can we maximise the capacity of our brains and potentially ‘switch on’ dormant parts and become some sort of ‘god-like’ being? I mean we could, but would you really trust a pair of home school kids with this sort of responsibility?

Trans feels completely unique and it will certainly challenge the viewer with its bold ideas. The plot builds up nicely to a fantastical finale that swerves briefly into time travel.

Trans feels like modern science fiction at its best, coupled with a high school spin and some Frankenstein mythos thrown in for good measure.

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