‘Lost’ film The Unwelcome set for Blu Ray release

After being missing for over 11 years this once “Lost” film “The Unwelcome” is finally being released as a special edition blu ray by Other Dimension Films.

The film has never seen the light of day and it’s only now that it’s dark and chilling secrets are finally being revealed.

The film started shooting in 2007 loosely based on the true life Enfield Poltergeist case, but was never fully completed until an AVI file of the rough cut was found recently on an old hard drive which was destined for the bin and some extra shots could be added.

The Unwelcome (shot on 16mm black and white film and DV tape) was discovered as a dark secret of chilling shocks and mystery and director Keith R Robinson wanted to get the film back out into the world to see what he had envisioned nearly 14 years earlier.

That dark and twisted vision is now finally available after a 14 year journey and with a (14 years later) interview with leading man Michael Cicchillo and a full audio commentary detailing the films 14 year journey by director Keith R Robinson all on the new blu ray disc.

Watch the trailer for The Unwelcome below –

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