Lonely Spectre Productions announces ‘The Jessica Cabin’

Lonely Spectre Productions has announced the production of The Jessica Cabin, which is set for a fall 2021 release.

The Jessica Cabin is a queer ghost story about love, loss, and connection, told through a darkly comedic lens.

The ghosts trapped within the confines of an isolated desert cabin desperately attempt to make a connection with the rustic home’s living guests. But how far will the restless spirits go for the most basic of human needs?

A Lonely Spectre Productions (Poltergays, It Listens From The Radio) & Mary-Kate and Ashtray Production, The Jessica Cabin was created by—and stars—a group of queer artists: actor/writer/director Daniel Montgomery (Jane The Virgin), actor/producer Riley Rose Critchlow (Anime Crimes Division) and actor/producer Chase Williamson (The Guest).

Montgomery and Critchlow, who collaborate together as comedy duo Mary-Kate and Ashtray, shifted from live comedy to a TV pilot and an award-winning horror short Tall Betsy in 2020, and The Jessica Cabin is their next step forward.

Director Daniel Montgomery commented,

“The past year has been an incredible struggle for everyone, and it’s hit performers in an especially challenging way. Our goal was to create work for ourselves, create some art and entertainment, and tell a decidedly queer story about gay, bisexual, and non-binary folks living their lives (…um, afterlives, in some cases).”

The Jessica Cabin will be released in fall 2021 by Lonely Spectre Productions.

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