Good Southern Witches by J.D Horn review

While the mythological figure of the witch has been part of popular culture for centuries, on the big screen or on the page there hasn’t been an all-encompassing anthology of the many incarnations – until now.

J.D Horn’s anthology has 24 stories squeezed into, with pretty much every version of a witch you could find.

We look at changelings, whilst also broaching different subjects including vengeance against abuse men, families of witches, gay teenage romances plus much more.

Some stories really hone in on the towns they are set and also flip the narrative back and forth, with witches sometimes being saviours and other times working for a darker purpose.

Each story is quite short, it makes Good Southern Witches a fast-paced read, my only complaint was that many of the stories had the potential to be fleshed out into a full-length story.

Good Southern Witches is released on 13th April 2021 by Curious Blue Press.

Professional Reader

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