‘Know Fear’ Available Now on Digital

Evil is unleashed in new American horror ‘Know Fear’, which is available now on VOD platforms.

After discovering an ancient book of the occult in their new home, Donald Capel’s (David Alan Basche) wife Wendy (Amy Carlson) is seized by a demonic entity, nearly killing her. Donald’s niece (Mallory Bechtel) activates a dangerous ritual in the book used to identify and banish demons, a ritual forcing each member of the family to communicate with the demon in their own unique way: to see it, hear it, or speak to it.

Jamison M. LoCascio commented,

“HORROR is a grossly misunderstood genre, people blow it off as B level entertainment but some of the most influential filmmakers of all time are JOHN CARPENTER and ALFRED HITCHCOCK who have been emulated obsessively by countless filmmakers working today. WHY? Because they harnessed GENRE filmmaking, got people to buy a ticket – scared the pants off of them and also created meaningful and entertaining storytelling.

“We need great characters for the HORROR FILM to work. We must LOVE them and want them to win and sometimes they do…other times they ultimately fail – that is the TERROR. We can fail too if we don’t communicate, if we don’t try our best, if we take life for granted, if we underestimate evil, if we tamper with forces beyond us, if we are greedy, if we fail to work together…and so many more lessons.

“Know Fear is a film about people that we like who face a super-natural challenge beyond their understanding and comprehension. The characters and the plot work to do one simple thing…bring the audience IN to the battle against evil in a unique and challenging way, using character perspective to provide three different view points on the action at hand.

“The work was heavily inspired by cosmic horror writers like HP Lovecraft and films like “Evil Dead,” “Halloween,” “Hellraiser,” and “The Conjuring.” Our goal was to pay homage to the kinds of horror films we love and passionately create our own space in the genre for something new.”

Watch the trailer for Know Fear below –

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