The Columnist review

Dutch horror comedy The Columnist asks the question, what happens when someone abused on social media fights back?

Femke is preparing for the release of her new book, but is constantly abused by trolls across Twitter and she decides when pushed too far to start eliminating her enemies.

Katja Herbers is superb as Femke, who balances the vigilante justice killer with trying to be a parent to her daughter whilst negotiating a new man in her life.

While it may seem slightly implausible that Femke doesn’t get caught sooner, if you suspend your disbelief The Columnist is an engrossing watch.

This is certainly full of blood but its the black humour that sets it apart, especially given its social commentary on well, social media and online abuse.

The Columnist is released on 12th March across all digital platforms.

Watch the trailer for The Columnist below –

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