Feature Film Announced for Dead All Day Film Festival

The feature film selection for the rescheduled Dead All Day Film Festival has been announced.

Chestersberg: Make Murder Legal will headline the Widnes-based festival on Saturday 17th July 2021 at The Studio, Widnes.

Chester Mapleforth had a dream. A dream where he could live the life he always wanted. A life where he could cave in the skulls of those who had wronged him, shunned him, perhaps brought him the wrong milk delivery or parked too close to his car. The little things really can matter.

After inventing the underwater post-it note, he found himself indescribably wealthy, and it wasn’t long before he started to invest in a little plot of land… then a little bit more… then a lot of bits more. Soon, the lovely village of CHESTERSBERG was born!

A place like no other, free from the rules and laws of the outside world. In Chestersberg, this quaint setting deep in the dark and rural depths of Yorkshire, murder was made legal and before he knew it, he had scores of like-minded neighbours, all murdering to their heart content.

But now… it’s time to expand. To raise the gates and open up to the world.

Find out more details on the Dead All Day Film Festival on Facebook.

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