Clarice 1×03 review

After two very tonally different episodes it feels like the third episode of Clarice gave us more an incline of where the story is headed.

Although we open in Starling’s therapy session, which she quickly debunks, it is the characters around her that give us the richer story beats.

We get to spend more time with Senator Ruth Martin and Catherine, her daughter who has become agoraphobic following her harrowing experience with Buffalo Bill.

For Starling the crux of the episode involves her trying to break a suspect in what is suspected to be a wider conspiracy and with attempted poisoning and shady characters, it feels like we have crossed over into the X Files.

While Catherine remains on the periphery of the story she remains a fascinating character, with her PTSD much more visible than Clarice’s, which appears in flashes and sometimes at inconvenient moments.

We suspect that Catherine and Starling will reunite later in the season and sparks will fly.

Another solid entry in the series which you hope is just itching to catch fire, although the signs are promising.

Clarice is screening now CBS.

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