Sci Fi Horror ‘Skinjacker’ Now Crowdfunding

Independent Scottish sci-fi horror feature Skinjacker is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.

Skinjacker features a lesser-known creature from Scottish mythology.

It brings to life a dark and mysterious beast, but when mixed with a sci-fi element, it adds to the horror and suspense of the story with an approach rarely seen in films coming out of Scotland.

This is a story that focuses on escape and survival of the characters within it, yet it is the stunning, bleak Scottish landscapes and the unpredictability of the story which play the biggest parts.

The film was written by and will be directed by David Izatt.

In 2018 his debut feature film (as director) ‘A Christmas Carol’ was released on Amazon Prime TV. Before that he worked as a cinematographer on the horror film ‘Plan Z’ which was released on Netflix and the Martin Scorsese produced film ‘Tomorrow’ as EPK Producer and the official stills photographer, working with Stephen Fry, James Cosmo and musician Joss Stone amongst others.

Find out all the perks and support Skinjacker on IndieGoGo.

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