Clarice – 1×02 review

For the second episode of Clarice we take her on the road to Tennessee where the FBI has been sent to take out a group of militia known as The Statesmen.

You could consider the opener more of a mythology episode but in Ghosts of Highway you get the real sense of where the series is gonna go.

This feels very much like Starling constantly proving her male counterparts wrong whilst clearing dealing with the PTSD from her encounter with Buffalo Bill plus her own childhood demons.

In this episode we see her have flashbacks to her childhood remembering the aftermath of her father’s murder, with Breeds again the highlight of the episode. We also see a kinship developing between Clarice and Senator Martin, who overrules the tyrannic instructions of nemesis Paul Krendler.

Ghosts of Highway shows Starling’s negotiating skills as she infiltrates the militia group ultimately helps to save the day. There is a decent amount of action, including a great shootout between the FBI and the Statesmen.

While not quite hitting the heights of the opener, Clarice continues to be an interesting watch.

Clarice continues on CBS on Thursdays.

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