Dysmorphia (short) review

Tackling topical issues has always been what makes horror the most fascinating genre of cinema.

We as viewers are not afraid of seeing dark and twisted tales play out on screen and can admire the craft that goes into constructing them.

Scottish filmmaker Andy Stewart, with his short film, Dysmorphia, tackles this disorder in brutal and harrowing fashion. It is safe to say this film is not for the squeamish.

We follow the journey of a clearly troubled and lonely man, who looks to remove parts of his body he perceives to be foreign to him. While at first we are teased with the instruments he will use, the film boldly showcases his blood soaked transformation.

It is quite the accomplishment to achieve such a statement within 11 minutes, but its safe to say that anyone watching Dysmorphia will not forget it anytime soon.

Watch Dysmorphia by Andy Stewart on Vimeo below –


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