‘Far From the Apple Tree’ available to stream on Redemption TV

Far from the Apple Tree is an eclectic mix of ghost story, fairy tale and horror now available to stream on Redemption TV.

Evocative of the TV series The Owl Service and films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and The Wicker Man with a truly magical soundtrack by Rose McDowall (StrawberrySwitchblade/Psychic TV) and Shawn Pinchbeck (The Corporation).

Judith is a struggling art student who lands a dream job of working fora renowned and somewhat sinister visual artist. Judith’s work involves cataloguing the artists’ video footage and in doing so she discoversfilm sequences of a young woman, the artists’ dead daughter, who looksexactly like herself…

Far from the Apple Tree is like being dropped into the middle of a situation you don’t understand. Your natural survival instinct tells you to get out, yet something compels you to stay. To follow the narrative you have to go into the next room. Perhaps you might not want to, but yet again you’re compelled to do it, because you have to know.

Director, Grant McPhee commented,

“I wanted to create something which looked cool and played around with form and structure but also was full of wyrd 70s/80s childhood references. What is now called Hauntology, I suppose.”

Watch Far from the Apple Tree on Redemption TV.

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