First Images from Halloween Kills arrive

First behind the scenes photos and a publicity still have arrived for Halloween Kills, which is slated for release on 15th October 2021.

The publicity still arrives from Empire Magazine in the 2021 preview, showing Michael Myers escaping the ablaze home of Laurie Strode. Holding a Halligan bar; a tool commonly used by firefighting teams in breaking into fiery buildings.

Presumably this figures into Michael’s escape from the building, although we don’t fancy the chances of those firefighters much. Surely the Shape won’t steal their fire engine to return to Haddonfield though? This may be a little too obvious for some as devious as Michael.

The bulk of the behind the scenes images look to feature Laurie’s home once again, with crews setting up for a night shoot, whilst we also see the aftermath of the fire to the home.

An insignificant shot amongst the bunch shows a pumpkin shown in the teaser trailer from last year. The piece-de-resistance is a better look at the Shape outside the Strode home following his escape. We get a better look at his slightly damaged mask, whilst still holding the Halligan bar; presumably his weapon of choice for this segment of Halloween Kills.

Finally, we see the Shape’s mask on the floor, which mirrors another we see from the teaser, where Michael regains his mask. The biggest questions being, how does he lose his mask? How long for and we will be spending a chunk of the film with unmasked Michael?

What do you think of these new images of Halloween Kills? Let us know in the comments.

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