303 Fear Faith Revenge review

Singapore may not be known for its horror output, but they did try to capitalise on the popularity of slashers in 1999, with Somching Srisupap’s 303 Fear Faith Revenge.

Although for the most part this film embraces more of a supernatural tone, it certainly veers into slasher territory for its middle portion.

A group of students at an all boys school investigate the mysterious suicide case of an honor student. That leads them into the horrid situation.

303 Fear Faith Revenge feels more akin to I Know What You Did Last Summer, with the students becoming more pseudo detectives to discover the nature of the suicide on the campus and if history could be repeating itself. We also get something quite rare and that is some emotional weight to some of the death scenes, which can feel tonely off slightly but its interesting to see something different in the narrative.

There is one excellent kill sequence too, as one of the students bites the dust in the boys showers, with the killer mixing water and electricity to down their victim.

It does unravel slightly in the messy finale, but is still plenty of fun for teen slasher fans.

Watch 303 Fear Faith Revenge on YouTube below –

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