Flashback (2000) review

It wasn’t just American studios who were trying to capitalise on the success of the Scream (at the time) trilogy, countries from all over the world were at it too.

German slasher Flashback sees a young girl survive the murder of her family, only to be haunted by the incident and potentially their killer years later.

Jeanette has recently been released from a mental asylum where she was dealing through her trauma and she becomes a French tutor for a group of privileged teenagers in a secluded location in the mountains.

Much the same as the Scream series, Flashback attempts to blend horror and comedy and partially succeeds on both counts. We have creative kills including one involving an electronic swimming pool cover, which fans of the original Halloween H20 will certainly gravitate towards.

We also have the bumbling cops who feel dropped straight out of Halloween 5, proving woefully inept, even as the bodies start to pile up. On two occasions they drive past a boy who has been killed in his car, never consider to go check if he is okay (spoiler he is not).

There is also an underutilised Gail Weathers-esque clone who could have done more than the solitary scene they are given. For unintentional comedy we also have a nosey/suspicious housemaid who is such a bad actor that they might as well do shifty eyes every time they are on screen.

Flashback is low budget, but it certainly makes the most of what it has and will certainly please fans of Scream, Urban Legend and the ilk from the late 90s.

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